Speed Advisory Signs Hire in Melbourne, Victoria


Our Speed Advisory Signs are trailer mounted; self-powered (solar) Variable Message Signs equipped with a Radar speed detector.

They have remote and satellite tracking, radar speed readout and data logging
capabilities. These portable signs are programmable onsite or remote. They can be used for traffic management on road projects, mining sites, in school zones, car parks, or to notify of changes in speed zones, and other applications.

Key Features

  • Programming via SMS, PC, Internet and onsite keyboard
  • GPS tracking for security
  • Trailers equipped with extendable legs and blast tank for stability, wind loading 134kph
  • Hydraulic operation for easy to use setup
  • High quality legs for wide angle viewing
  • Full matrix screen allows speed limits to be displayed

Speed Advisory Sign

SIGN SIZE: 2400W x 1200H
TRAILER SIZE: 1410W x 2160H x 2830L
SETUP SIZE: 1760W x 3600H x 2830L

If you require an affordable speed advisory signs hire in Melbourne, Victoria then call us on (03) 9308 9000 today.